Market Update - January 2024

Walbrook Wealth ManagementJanuary 09, 2024

Market Returns

  • Australian Equities: Witnessed a significant upturn with the S&P/ASX 200 TR Index rising by 7.26%, showcasing a robust performance across sectors.
  • Global Equities: The MSCI World NR Index reported a growth of 1.94%, highlighting positive momentum in developed markets despite challenges in emerging markets.
  • Property: Australian A-REITs surged by 11.40%, indicating strong investor confidence in real estate, with global real estate equities also making notable gains.
  • Fixed Interest: The Bloomberg Ausbond Composite Index observed a healthy increase, reflecting a cautious optimism within the bond market amidst varying economic signals.

Australian Equities

December ended on a high note for Australian equities, led by significant gains in Property, Healthcare, and Materials sectors, despite mixed economic data. The anticipation of central bank rate cuts in 2024 played a pivotal role in buoying market sentiment.

Global Equities

Global markets embraced the year-end with a rally, spurred by easing inflation data and optimism over potential interest rate cuts. However, concerns lingered in the Chinese market, impacting the CSI 300 Index.


The property sector closed the year with impressive gains, supported by a dovish stance from the Fed. The Australian residential property market also witnessed growth, contributing to the sector's positive outlook.

Fixed Income

The Reserve Bank of Australia's decision to maintain the cash rate underscores a strategic approach to inflation management. Bond markets responded with measured movements, as global and domestic factors continue to shape investor expectations.

Economic Key Points

  • Central banks' decisions to hold interest rates reflect a strategic stance on inflation management, with mixed inflation trends across different regions.
  • Australian inflation showed signs of moderation, aligning with the RBA's target projections, whereas the US and Eurozone experienced varied inflation dynamics.


Australia's economic indicators, including inflation, consumer sentiment, and retail sales, suggest a nuanced landscape, with employment and PMI data offering insights into the labor market and sectoral performance.


The Federal Reserve's signal for potential rate cuts in 2024 amidst easing inflation has influenced market expectations, with employment and consumer sentiment data reflecting ongoing economic resilience.


The ECB's steadfast interest rates amidst fluctuating inflation rates highlight the complex economic environment, with retail sales and PMI data providing a snapshot of the region's economic health.


The Bank of England's cautious approach to interest rate adjustments amidst rising inflation emphasizes the challenges in balancing economic growth with inflation control.


China's GDP growth and demographic trends present long-term challenges, with steel production and consumer prices indicating broader economic pressures.


Japan's steady interest rates amid economic growth concerns, coupled with retail sales and PMI data, underscore the delicate balance between monetary policy and economic momentum.

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